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As a professional in the aviation industry, Dave Pflieger is constantly on the move. Whether he is advising the World Bank Group in the field of aviation or traveling the world to parts unknown for fun, Dave is always traveling. Normally, an individual with such a travel-heavy position would have issues keeping up with work, but not for Dave. Even when traveling, Dave Pflieger is able to stay focused, organized and motivated. Although his position at the World Bank Group takes him to the farthest reaches of the world, Dave can usually be found in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii. Dave first became familiar with the area during his time as CEO, president and board member of Island Air. At Island Air, Dave Pflieger was able to turn the airline’s prospects around by increasing revenue streams and cutting costs. Although Dave no longer works for the airline, he is still enamored by the beautiful sights, sounds and culture or Hawaii. Dave is currently located in Alaska.

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