7-Eleven’s New Goals


7-Eleven, the world’s leading convenience store, has declared new goals to further its advance its commitment to corporate social responsibility. The company has partnered with Conservation International, an organization that pursues research, partnerships, and policy goals in order to contribute to a healthier planet. Naturally, 7-Eleven’s goals are environmentally focused and include the reduction of both it’s energy and packaging footprints by 20 percent within the next 10 years. They have also decided to increase corporate giving contributions to a full one percent of annual net operating income. CEO Joe Depinto praises these goals as “specific and measurable”, qualities that should aid in their achievement.

7-Eleven claims it has already been taking steps to reduce its environmental impact even before the announcement of these goals. For instance, they’ve cut electricity usage by about 21% since 2009 by installing more efficient lighting and HVAC systems. The company is also sitting on Conservation International’s Business and Sustainability council, where it works to find new ways to promote healthy environmental actions.

Given its convenience store status, it’s no surprise that many of the chain’s products are packaged. This too is one of the chain’s points of improvement. 7-Eleven is trying to reduce overall waste and is introducing a new recyclable coffee cup. It’s hot food packaging will use less material, and bottles will be made with recyclable materials.

Corporate giving will also increase, starting next year. The one percent donation will go to two youth-oriented programs. Project A-Game gives money to schools and youth sports programs, and The Operation Chill rewards youth “caught in the act of doing good” with a free Slurpee coupon.

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