5 Companies with Great Corporate Social Responsibility

Companies that are living and working in this world have the responsibility to give back to those that make their existence possible. Giving back not only helps the surround community, but it also helps build strong bonds between the company and its employees as well. There are a lot of companies that are doing great things with corporate social responsibility. Below are five companies that are taking CSR to a whole new level and are changing lives around the world.corporate social responsibility

  1. Starbucks: For the over 40 years it’s been around, Starbucks has been working hard to maintain its status as one of the most socially responsible companies in the country. Fortune magazine ranked it as 5th most socially responsible company in 2012 and the with initiatives that constantly include searching for new ways to produce coffee in sustainable ways, the company is well-deserving. It also support Ethos Water, which provides clean water to over a billion people.
  2. Disney: Disney returns the love it receives from millions of families by focusing on corporate social responsibility in areas such as the community, the environment, and volunteering. One place where Disney has really taken off is when it comes to providing aid and relief after natural disasters — it donated to Haitian earthquake relief in 2010. Disney also donates profit from nature films to plant trees in the rain forest and protect the coral reefs.
  3. NuSkin: NuSkin is a personal care company that focuses its CSR efforts on community efforts across the world. It has an initiative called Nourish the Children that started in 2002 and has already surpassed over 350 million nutrient-rich meals given to needy children. It also has an initiative called Force For Good Foundation that works to with children and preventing disease, illiteracy, and poverty.
  4. Microsoft: As befitting for a company of it’s size and reputation, Microsoft works hard towards giving back to the community and was even named the best at CSR by the Reputation Institute. One of the best of it’s initiatives is the Employee Giving Campaign in which employees go to fundraisers for the nonprofits of their choice. It has been held every years since 1983 and has raised over $1 billion in donations to over 31,000 charities and nonprofits.
  5. TOMS Shoes: TOMS shoes is known amongst the corporate world for being a smaller company with the CSR abilities and ambitions of a much larger one. The company was founded on the idea of giving back and has made it a part of the core message. For every pair of shoes that they sell, they will donate a pair to a child in need — so far, over 10 million pairs of shoes have been donated. The company is now also expanding a similar idea to vision care.

These are just some of the examples of great corporate social responsibility coming from companies that have truly excelled in the field. There are so many other companies out there with strong CSR practices and they should all be lauded. If you’d like to read more, the link is here.

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Dave Pflieger is currently the CEO of Island Air and previously the President and CEO of Silver Airways. Previously, Dave Pflieger was the CEO & Managing Director of Air Pacific (later Fiji Airways). Before joining Air Pacific, Mr. Pflieger was a Founding Officer and Senior Vice President at Virgin America from 2004 to 2010.